Friday, April 13, 2007

Hypothetical #2: The Student Who "Cannot" Read

A ninth-grade class comes to the library for the first time to learn about what is available there. Most students seem to really enjoy the booktalks and the browsing time, and check out at least one book to read. Two students, though, are insistent that they can't/have never/will never read an entire book. This is supposed to be an enjoyable assignment for the students to promote a love of reading. What do you do?

Hypothetical #1: The Purposeless Student

Let's say that the choir or band director has a substitute who knows nothing about music and is therefore just having a "study-hall" with the class. The sub sends 5 students to the library with a note. They are the only students in the library. They promptly go to the computers and start looking at web sites that feature prom dresses and shoes. What would you do?

So, What's This Blog About?

This blog is about sharing. Anyone can post a "hypothetical situation" and everyone is invited to tell how you would handle it, what your philosophy is in the area, or whatever. We'll focus on libraries in high schools. Hopefully, we'll all learn a lot!